You are in the prime of your life!

Don't waste these years being too busy to enjoy them, I can teach you how to create calm, balance and connection quickly so you can enjoy every day.

Hi, I’m Louise and I help super busy women in their 40’s and 50’s, get sorted.

What do I mean by ‘get sorted?’

When I was in my 40’s my life got busier and busier, and I have experienced first-hand the devastating effect of MY allowing this ‘busyness’ to become my norm. I had created a beautiful but totally full-on life, it exhausted me both mentally and physically, and I pretended for many years everything was FINE because to anyone else looking at my life, I had it all!

Iam FINE - a four-letter F word many women say as the automatic ‘go to’ response to “How are you?” masking the unspoken but very real truth for the majority of women in midlife. FINE. Even in its simplicity, is a representation of a woman’s midlife crisis. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Looking back to my early midlife, I was an accident waiting to happen!

And it did - a car accident on the M40 motorway at 8.11am one Saturday morning in September 2014, I was 49 years old. This was my catalyst for change.

Suffering from PTSD led me to experiencing the amazing treatment of EMDR, which propelled me to become an avid learner on the powerful mind body connection and I was guided to retrain as an ICF Coach in my 50th year.

Don’t wait for an accident or life challenge to address BALANCE in your life – let me help you.

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Ilearnt the hard way - ‘busy disconnected living’ creates dis-ease in your mind and your body and NEVER ever ends well. My mission is to educate, mentor and coach women to avoid the crisis that so often is unconsciously created from ‘busyness’.

Perhaps you can identify with this ‘busy’ person, or you have already experienced a crisis?

Have you been searching for the answers to your everyday problems or are you still ignoring the nagging niggles? Perhaps you have been looking for someone to help you explore what feels like your next steps, please know with confidence I am that person.

Ioffer a bespoke service in person from my coaching studio in East Sussex or over zoom, whichever works best for you. If you know you are ready to consciously create a life with unwavering self-trust, connection, and confidence, one that you will not only find yourself never using the word ‘FINE’ again – but when asked ‘how are you?’… You will replace FINE with FABULOUS. And here is the magic, you will embody FABULOUS from the depths of your soul.

I invite you to ‘get sorted’ with me.

If you choose to work with me 1:1 – I guarantee.

  • You will shift away from the stress and the overwhelm of your current life, to seeing your life through a different lens. You will fall in love with your life again.
  • I will ensure using my unique coaching style and holistic toolkit you are better able to cope and operate in your everyday ‘busy’ life.
  • You will become as best prepared emotionally, physically, and spiritually as you can be to experience future life challenges.
  • You will feel totally supported and from this place you will be able to create deep self-trust and confidence in who you are and everything you choose to do going forward.

If you choose a 1:1 UNFOLD Coaching Day Retreat in The ZenDen in East Sussex – I guarantee

  • To kickstart and supercharge your wake up and shake up
  • To create a strategy that feels totally aligned and you will LOVE
  • You will learn some super easy actionable tools from my Extraordinary Life Success holistic toolkit
  • You will eat a delicious 3 course lunch from a menu you have chosen in advance
  • You will feel confident, motivated, energised and rebooted
  • A powerful yet relaxing experience with some time spent in beautiful natural surroundings

If you choose to join an in-person UNFOLD group event in The ZenDen in East Sussex – I guarantee

  • You will be educated on several relevant topics
  • You will meet other like-minded midlifers
  • You will enjoy a relaxed 2 course lunch
  • You will feel more relaxed and supported
  • You will have FUN – it must be FUN – it is the only way
  • You will walk away with some super easy actionable tools from my Extraordinary Life Success holistic toolkit
  • You will have taken a positive step to change up your future
  • You will leave the day with confidence that whatever you want to change in your life you can

Kind Words From Clients

““Thank you for another amazing session & always a pleasure to see my Earth Angel”.

“A huge wave of gratitude to you for everything you are! This year, personally, has been one of the most challenging I can remember and having you in my life has warmed my heart and raised my energy throughout it. To have been coached by you was a privilege and something I will cherish forever”.

“I can’t tell you how helpful today was. Thank you. You are an amazing coach. I think I had forgotten how precious it can be, to be on the receiving end of great coaching and support”.

“Louise herself is an Angel...”

“Working with Louise was an absolute gamechanger for me. I had been cruising along believing that I clearly wasn't able to attract more clients, limited belief and all that goes with that. During my coaching program it was as if I flicked a switch, as very quickly a shift happened and in came my clients. I became motivated, energized and on a personal note - free and in flow. It really was what I needed and the clarity call that I am so glad I had, really made that clear.

I loved my time with Louise and of course, am currently back working with her. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to find a coach that is talented, authentic, and spiritual. You will be so glad you did.” .

Bev Nibbs
Hypnotherapy Health

“When I started working with Louise, I had decided to pursue my interest in plant medicine, in particular mushroom medicine.   Louise and I immediately got stuck into how my business would look etc and how it would progress.  But during our sessions it became clear that I was not ready and that I had some long-held beliefs about myself and my position in life that would forever hold me back and that no amount of planning and good intention would see me into a successful business life until these issues were dealt with.

Louise recognised that for me to move forward with any kind of business or to have a full life in general that I was going to have to change my own narrative.   Louise skilfully and kindly navigated her way into my thoughts and was able to start uncovering my core beliefs.   My Parents, bless them, were not the most supportive people and had sowed my seeds of self-doubt at a very young age, and unfortunately, as is often the case this led me into a couple of unhealthy relationships which only served to perpetuate my feelings of unworthiness and question my capabilities.  .

So, Louise and I went from talking mushroom business to digging deep into places that I had spent most of my adult life trying to avoid.   Louise gave me the tools and confidence to go looking for that person that was there before the outside influences set the self-doubt train in motion.

I am in no doubt that if I had not started working with Louise and discovered where I really needed to focus my attention, that I would have started into a new business that would have been doomed to fail because of the core belief that I couldn't succeed.

After working with Louise, I have a very different mindset.   I recognise when those thoughts of not being good enough or capable creep in and thanks to Louise I have the mental tools to deal with them.  I am a stronger more confident person and know that I can succeed in anything I put my mind to. 

Louise ... thanks for helping me rediscover my 'Mojo'!

Sally Stride

"My experience of coaching with Louise is simply amazing. She combines genuine warmth and empathy with her intuitive, supportive and confident coaching style. I was fortunate to work with Louise in her idyllic coaching studio which in itself creates an atmosphere of calm, an escape from the day to day, allowing full focus on the coaching discussions.

Louise has helped me gain clarity on what I want to achieve, encouraged me to see past events in a positive light which in turn has helped ignite my passion to succeed. My confidence has soared and for the first time in a while I feel I am making decisions and taking action that is progressing my business and having positive effects on my life in general. Louise is truly inspirational and a real joy to be with. I thoroughly recommend her coaching services, everyone needs Louise in their life!"

"I am still feeling euphoric after our session & am tingling with excitement at what the future sessions have in store for me. I feel truly blessed to have Louise in my life & absolutely love working with her. I love that I am beginning to notice all the wonderful changes unfolding in my life, the 'meaningful coincidences', the synchronicities”

“Louise is a warm, insightful and instinctual woman who cares about others and the world in which we all live. Louise’s support has been exceptional, she really gave me a safe space to get everything out into the open, so that I could clear some space and feel less burdened. She then supported me by coaching me to distinguish the things that I could change and things that were not of my concern right now, or out of my control. I worked on my core values and priorities. The tools she supplied helped me to see joy again, have clarity and be of service to my family, friends and community.

I enjoyed the cards reading with Louse too, the divine messages were very clear, sometimes reinforcing and at other times unearthing topics and experiences that we had not discussed in our coaching sessions. I felt very nurtured, encouraged and grounded in my core values and purpose after our reading.

Louise you are a very compassionate and talented individual, her service is exceptional and I recommend her to all."

"Louise coached me for 6 months and in that time, I saw tremendous growth in my personal development. I have been struggling for years with confidence, self-esteem and limiting beliefs which were impacting all areas of my life, now I have the confidence and courage to take action and succeed in my business development.

Louise has been great at helping me to recognize what my strengths are and how to utilize them. She is very personable, always cheering me on and believing in me.

I couldn’t be any happier with a coach!"

"Louise has the ability to see the best person you can be. What is unique about Louise is, she has the ability to enable you to also see that person. She then inspires you to become that person through intuitive and sometimes challenging coaching, mixed with a little bit of magic! I have been fortunate indeed to have Louise shine her light on me and I am sure I will continue to feel the benefit of her wonderful gift for the rest of my life."

"Louise, what you have helped me with over the last few months would probably fill several pages, thank you. You helped me question things in my life that at first were a little difficult to discuss, your relaxed style is such that I was able to have the space and support to really think, think hard about what it is I want from my life and my business. You encouraged, motivated, supported and challenged me in every session, and as a result, I was able to continually ask myself what I needed to put into action to start regaining the desired balance in my life. Your encouragement for reflection in my life has enabled me to see clearly where I want to be, and I am excited about the plans I have now got in place to get me there. You have helped me beyond measure, Louise, thank you."

"Louise has helped me get my life on track. Louise is very personable, compassionate and supportive. She helped me look at how I could overcome obstacles in my life and set myself some realistic and achievable goals. I would thoroughly recommend Louise to anyone who needs support in finding the right path to success for themselves."

“Thank you so much Louise for such an incredibly helpful and insightful reading. The combination of your skills as both a life coach and card reader surpassed the card readings that I have previously had. Thank you again for your guidance and understanding. I really appreciate all your help. "

"Louise was born to coach. She is a natural listener and her genuine interest and care for people is instantly recognisable during her coaching sessions. I am currently working towards a big personal dream and Louise's relaxed, yet challenging style of coaching encourages and motivates me forward. There is a hell of a lot to do, but despite small moments of doubt, knowing Louise 'has got my back' has given me a boost to push through these moments and keep my eye on the smaller goals, which will in turn help me achieve my greater ones"

“Louise’s experience, passion, approachability and above all dedication toward supporting you to reach your goals allows you to believe anything is possible no matter where you are working from. I feel I have climbed mountains in over-coming my mindset towards challenges during these sessions and ever since both internally and externally. Aligning and building my confidence toward my Yoga teaching venture which has expanded horizons in other areas of my life too.

Louise brought clarity and flow to my doubts by the way she consciously structures the sessions and you feel authentic to you in the process because that’s how she works herself, authentically. Louise is a warm, welcoming person and when you connect with her you will not in any way be disappointed.

I always left the sessions feeling lighter, gaining a stronger sense of my own intuition. A well worth investment, a unique one that I am grateful to have experienced. Thank you, Louise, you are truly connected to what you do and it radiates.”

Your busy way of life will either break your relationships or your health!

Let me help you avoid this happening - my unique toolkit awaits and it is game changing

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